About codedamn

codedamn's mission is to make coding highly engaging and interactive - wherever possible. We do this by creating hands-on courses - thanks to our interactive playground that runs in the browser connected to computers in the cloud.


Programming is a healthy mix of learning, practicing, and interacting with others. Unfortunately, existing edtech platforms are not built for self-taught developers because they're not founded by self-taught developers trying to work on real-world tech skills and lack the struggles of becoming one.

We are building the best community of developers and learners on the planet - built by developers and backed by cutting-edge technology.

Our team is highly entrepreneurial in nature and strive to create:

  1. A strong sense of product ownership 💪
  2. A business owner's mindset 💰
  3. A blank canvas to learn, collaborate and iterate upon. Move fast, break things (on staging preferably) - it's fine. 🎨


Full-stack Developer

DSA/Competitive coder/5* devs

Marketing & Growth

Growth Marketer Lead

Head of Community

Content creator for Instagram Reels/TikTok


Startup Generalist (COO)