Role Description

codedamn is looking for a Growth Marketer who can head Paid Marketing and Growth + coordinate a team responsible for organic/inorganic marketing operations.

Since the beginning, the codedamn team has placed emphasis on organic adoption (through YouTube channel and social media) of our product. This has allowed us to understand funnels and identify one scalable & sustainable unpaid growth channel.

A key deliverable for the Growth Marketer would be identifying one scalable & sustainable paid growth channel within ~3 months of joining codedamn.

Nature of engagement

This role can be either on a contract basis or on a full-time employment basis - the time commitment associated with this role would prevent a candidate from pursuing other full-time projects. We would ideally prefer if you join us full-time to lead all marketing/outreach initiatives on codedamn.

What resources can you tap into?

Direct team:

  1. One x Graphic Designer (part-time responsibility) for graphics work
  2. Two x Full-stack Software Engineers (part-time responsibility) for any internal data analysis/exposing some API endpoint for third-party services.
  3. An extended core team to help you with brainstorming across available marketing channels we have - YouTube, email marketing, referrals system.
  4. Call me (Mehul) any time of the day (24x7).

Growth budget:

Starting small at ≤ ₹2,00,000; can scale up to x5 in a few months

What would your day job involve?