Head of Marketing

Bengaluru, Karnataka
Work Type: Full Time

Codedamn is an interactive coding platform where first-time coders and experienced developers can learn, practice, build projects and get instant feedback in a real-time IDE right in their browser. By combining educational content with a real-time coding environment for hands-on practice, we're solving interactivity at scale for potentially 100s of millions of people around the world trying to get better at coding.

Gone are the days when the browser was a simple tool to only read or watch videos. Today, developers at codedamn learn by hands-on practice and build full-blown projects within their browsers - connected to powerful Linux computers we operate from the cloud.

We're a team of hackers and innovators who can build and ship in hours, not weeks. We need a strong marketing person on our team to push the products we build out in the world. If you're a kickass marketer looking to work on building the future of programming education, come work with us with high accountability and freedom of execution.

Key Responsibilities

  • You should understand human psychology - how people think and how they make choices.
  • At least 2 years of experience as a marketer. Note: This DOES NOT mean you should have 2 years of industry experience. This means you should be hacking your way with marketing for at least 2 years+
  • Familiarity with all major social media platforms and setting up successful campaigns.
  • You should know how to operate tools like Amplitude, Google Analytics, Google ads manager, Facebook ads manager, etc. and how to check/implement tracking, and funnels, manage campaigns and make sense of data.
  • You should be willing to set up communications with influencers on YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., closing deals with them and tracking all relevant conversions across the platform.
  • You should be willing to invent, own and push new initiatives like affiliate marketing on the platform.
  • Ability to be extremely focused on data analysis and capturing trends on how things are changing within the platform/adset/campaign, etc.
  • Copywriting skills - you should be a good copywriter who knows what people would like to read about.
  • Ability to sit down and google - you should be a good googler. No exceptions here.

Other required skills

  • You should be technical enough to understand the core product of codedamn. (Little experience with 1-2 programming languages is a must)
  • Past experience in managing and mentoring juniors is good.
  • Communication skills and being kind to others, even when they do errors and mistakes.
  • Organize and mobilize a team around a product vision.
  • Sense of ownership and drive to build
  • Ability to learn and iterate quickly

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